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Your thoughts on the rise of Hitler's power?

Asked by snapdragon24 (1592points) January 9th, 2013

Alright so this is a mix of facts and theories, if you disagree and you know more about it, please share!

Did you know that within Hitlers family tree, at least eight of his members were diagnosed with mental retardation. Which implies that there was a great chance that Hitler inherited autism and any other disfunction. Well as we all know, a psychopath is someone who feels no emotion. Clearly a part of Hitler’s brain was switched off. In result, he hunt down his family tree in search of anyone who was mentally or physically disabled and locked them up in an asylum where they were all killed. He exterminated his own family members.

Secondly, it has also been said that researchers found a man within Hitlers family tree with the name of SOLOMON – a strong chance that he was Jewish. Hitler and his men killed over 6 million jews and anyone who tried to helped them. Sick.

Hitler wanted to be an artist, but growing up, he was discouraged by people who told him he wasn’t good enough. That triggered anger and pushed Hitler to create small political groups against people who weren’t white catholic Germans. Why? Because most of the people in charge of running the economy were wealthy jews. People with dark skin and other nationalities that were living in Germany also frustrated Hitler who only saw these people as invasive rats. Germany was his.

He became aggressive and started attacking those who didn’t fall under what he perceived as a true German… until he was arrested for a year. During that year he was writing his next plan to exterminate anyone who was outside the German Profile until finally he was able to manipulate a whole mass of people.

Now how does that happen? Well if you are someone who is born without education or grows up in a poor environment where you are not comfortably sheltered, where you are not winning enough money and you are starving for food – desperation can lead to anything right… especially since this was all happening during the great depression and all surrounding countries were anti-Germany.

Now my question to you is – if you believed your economy was crashing…and you became desperate for a political change and you have a man like Hitler who seems to have the answers…do you think you would be able to follow someone who is obviously screwed up? Or was is it not that obvious because Hitler was full of secrets and hid them well?

Would you be able kill anyone outside your ethnic group to obtain whatever has been promised to you?

Would you follow the Nazi Regime to protect your family while killing others?

Would you be brave enough to give yourself and die before being forced to turn into a killing machine?

I know this is a tough topic but how do you think you would be if you were a German living at that time?

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