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Can you recommend a good camera for around $200 or less?

Asked by jca (35976points) January 23rd, 2013

I am looking for a decent camera with a good zoom lens on it. I am not particularly a camera buff, but I am looking to spend around $200 or less.

I have been researching Costco and Amazon. I am also a member of Sam’s Club and BJ’s, so I have options.

I like Samsung and have had success in the past with Samsung products, including cameras and TV’s. My past Samsung camera had a great lens and took pictures that looked like postcards. I see some Samsung cameras have the German lens, which is what my previous Samsung had.

I was looking at Samsung WB150F and Fuji HS25. The Fuji got good reviews, is 30x zoom, and is presently $199 from Costco.

The Samsung WB150F got decent reviews, and is presently $169 from Costco. It’s $244 from Amazon.

One reviewer said he had better results with the Samsung DV300F, but it’s only 5x zoom, so that’s not too impressive to me. Also, I can spend a bit more than the DV300F (Amazon, $109) and am willing if it gets me a better zoom.

Right now the front-runner is the Fuji HS25 at $199 from Costco. That’s a price with an in-store rebate, which expires January 31, 2013.

Any camera reviews have people who love it, people who hate it and a bunch in between. I figured I’d look to my Jelly friends to see what you have and if you like it.

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