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Should I stay in this class?

Asked by Carinaponcho (1376points) February 6th, 2013 from iPhone

Today was the first day of my second semester. I began a new class called Child Development 1. It is basically a class about pre schoolers. They come in on a weekly basis and we will read to them and do projects. The class itself sounds fun and the teacher is nice. I took it to see if perhaps I was interested in pursuing a career in education.
The class sounds great, except I have a problem with some of the people in my class. For this anecdote, I would like to call this girl Stick Legs. Last year, Stick Legs’s best friend liked my boyfriend. Lets call this friend No Personality. Stick Legs and No Personality used to follow my boyfriend and me in the hallways. They stuck gum on the bottom of my backpack multiple times and unzipped it so the books would fall out. Stick Legs, No Personality, and some of their friends Fake Tan and Foundation Face would stare at me in the lunch line and whisper and laugh to each other. This year they posed behind us at the pep rally and took pictures of us. I’m sorry if my descriptions of these girls seems mean, but I don’t even know them well enough to give them proper descriptions. I’m not actually that mean and judgemental.
Anyway, when Stick Legs walked into class today, I started to panic. I know she will be talking about me to No Personality and I don’t want that.
If having her in the class isn’t bad enough, my boyfriend’s old best friend is in the class. He always blames me for taking his best friend away from him, even though my boyfriend stopped being friends with him because he just stopped liking him anymore. He and Stick Legs are really good friends, too.
I’m considering dropping out and taking it next year instead. But my close friend Natasha is in it and I want to stay with her. I’m torn. Can I have some advice? I’m sorry this is so long and complicated.

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