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Why did the IOC eliminate wrestling in 2020? As a matter of principle, shouldn't the IOC favor athletic sport, over other competitive games?

Asked by josie (27483points) February 12th, 2013

Two questions in one.

The IOC dropped wrestling from the 2020 Olympic games.
All games are sport, but not all sports are truly athletic in nature. Shooting for example. I love to shoot, I am good at it, and I am athletic, but it is not a true athletic sport.
It is however an Olympic sport.
It seems to me that, as a principle, the Games should show some preference to sports that are truly athletic in nature, and particularly to the ones that are intense one on one contests like wrestling.
The Ancient Greeks started the Olympics so that they could do their mortal best to emulate the Gods, whom they considered to be immortal “super humans”.
Athletic ability implies a particular sort of “full body” capability.
Shouldn’t this be emphasized in the Olympics?

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