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Do I have a banana allergy?

Asked by Carinaponcho (1381points) July 18th, 2013 from iPhone

I grew up my whole life eating raw bananas as a snack. I also ate fried plantains and plantain chips very often. It wasn’t until recently that I ate some baked goods made with bananas. I just had never come into contact with it in my life. I ate banana bread, on multiple occasions, and every time I couldn’t taste the flavor of the bread because my tongue was in so much pain. I also made my own banana muffins, and experimented the same oral pain. I thought perhaps I was allergic to bananas only when cooked? Then, I ate a banana cream pie for the first time. It made my tongue hurt too. But it wasn’t made with cooked bananas, so that confused me. Could it have been some other ingredient in all three that caused my tongue pain? I was thinking that when bananas are cooked with, they are typically more ripened and soft. Perhaps there is some sort of chemical change that releases something in the banana that triggers my tongue pain. Please let me know what you think.

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