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Hey Jellies, I'm back to elaborate some on my plugged ear, unbalanced, feeling out of sorts question I asked a week ago.

Asked by JoeyOhSoClever (969points) December 29th, 2013 from iPhone

Ok, so for the new guys to the question allow me to elaborate. I asked a week ago on here what people thought of my symptoms that include spaced out, depersonalization, malaise (general feeling of being unwell), on and off plugged left ear that feels like I’m breathing through it, on and off unbalanced feeling, fatigue or depression (not sure which), occasional back of the head migraine, neck pain and strain, occasional loss of appetite due to nauseated feeling or just heartburn/acid reflux, oh and most importantly heavy increase of anxiety! When these symptoms first started a doc diagnosed it as a sinus infection, prescribed a antibiotic along with a decongestant. Well I have up on that after a week due to non-belief in the doctor that after all these years of dealing with bad allergies and allergy infections that all of these terrible symptoms could come from that. Well I saw another doc for a second opinion and he said that well it was never an infection but less than that, just allergies. Prescribed a nasal spray and advised I take an over the counter antihistamine and that if the allergies and clogged ear did not subside after a week to get another opinion because he knew I was experiencing high anxiety from this. Well here we are two weeks later from that and all symptoms are still here, except clogged ear pops a lot more when I lay down now. Ok so I know this is already a lot of reading so bear with me because I have some new stuff to add to the story. Ok so along with these symptoms this anxiety and possibly OCD has caused me to go from forum to forum trying to figure out what I have because these symptoms are odd and kind of changing my life, almost hypochondriac like. So I finally find a forum of people talking about living with this unknown thing and some find a cure for themselves, some live with it for years. Well I’ve been chatting individually with a guy from Nigeria about how much symptoms we have in common and turns out it’s all the same. So we come up to trying to see what we did to have this stuff and here’s the thing, we had both experimented with marijuana 2 weeks prior, after not being smokers at all, and got a really bad high as if it was laced with something. Also we were going through highly stressful times in our lives. Well, in my case, I don’t know what caused me to want to smoke but I made the mistake and did and I had a two day hangover of some sort with the symptoms I have now but with just a more cloudy head. It seemed to have went away but two weeks later after finals week and some sleep deprivation the symptoms came back but the high didn’t and here we are now. The thought worrying me most now is the fear that if theory me and this guy I’m talking to about marijuana possibly being laced with something causing this imbalance in my brain, is also effecting my heart. I have been having strange chest pains and heartburn with GERD and well I just don’t know if I should get checked again by another doctor or if it’s all just anxiety and will go away or what. Sorry for the long details jellies but id like to read some more of your opinions.

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Sorry for the overuse of words and grammatical errors as well lol.

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Go to your primary care dr and explain the what you just said in here, especially regarding the drug use, may the dr would know more of what the marijuana was possibly laced with to cause these problems and possibly what ever other problems would come up. I would also see a psychologist as well to talk about why you smoked in the first place along with the additional feelings of depression, ocd and being a hypochondriac. A lot of drug use is due to a person trying to self medicate themselves for other underlying mental illness so someone in this field could help you to see if there is some other underlying issue there. There are some mental illnesses that begin in the teens and early 20’s which when you talk about finals week I am guessing the age your around. I wish you well in getting this all figured out and hopefully some doctors can help you get it all straightened out.

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TL/DR. Too much for my eyes. Remember why the paragraph was invented. Where’s the question?

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@creative Thank you for your response. I don’t believe I have any mental illnesses I didn’t have all my life. Honestly, I did read up on schizophrenia and do not want to worry myself of the early onset in the 20s thing or any other disorders because I know I’m not a sufferer. I smoke supposedly every 5–6 years just out of curiosity and possibly stress. It’s not an out of sorts thing. I don’t ever expect to do it again. I’m the type of person if I set my mind on something I see it through, especially after getting scared after this time. I’m already feeling a bit better, I’ve talked to people with similar situations to me who have made full recoveries. I’m a strong minded, strong-willed college student with a strong support system. I just made a mistake. All I feel is just a bit of a chemical imbalance.

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@gailcalled I’m sorry for that. I just thought I needed to give the full story of the past couple weeks for me. The point was to see if anyone on here has ever heard of laced marijuana or just regular marijuana causing certain individuals to have a chemical imbalance in their brain, with symptoms similar to mine or if doctors had it right with allergy or inner ear problems and anxiety.

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