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What are some of the best states to live in (weather wise)?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (10534points) January 3rd, 2014

My little family has a chance at a fresh start and we are considering relocating to a new state. We currently live in NY and we aren’t fans of the harsh winters (or the people). Here are some things on our wish list:

-Seasonal changes are great, but not required.
-Ideally we would love temperatures to stay around 70 on average.
-We are not fans of high humidity or extreme heat.
-Rain is fine.
-Occasional snow is okay.
-We absolutely love the outdoors. We would love living in a secluded area surrounded by land rather than a busy, bustling city.

Along with my weather preferences, I would like to stay on the east coast, if possible. Also, living needs to be affordable. Obviously we don’t expect to find a place that has everything on our list so we are willing to bend a bit. Where are some places you have lived, visited, or currently live that you truly love? What are the pros and cons? Would this place fit in to my family’s wish list? Remember, we’re open to any and all suggestions still!

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