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Do you forgive every apology?

Asked by trinitymat (94points) January 5th, 2014

My mom apologized to me two times for the things she said in our fight. She said 90% of the things she said weren’t true, and that people say these things in a fight. She keeps crying and hugging and kissing me, saying she’s so sorry. She also blamed her own father who was a complete psychopath.

I don’t know what to do. This isn’t the first time she was insulting me so cruelly. I’m afraid that if I forgive her, it will continue from time to time. I can’t take that since it’s horrible. Should I pretend like I did forgive her, act nice to her, but also put a wall in between us? Perhaps share less, talk less and interact less than before without letting her know about it?

Thank you

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