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How would you deal with a demanding in law over your partner?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) January 11th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m not married but it was a better way to word it. I just wanted to vent out my frustration even though I know the answer to this.

Anyways, my boyfriend’s sister is 2 years older than me. Whenever something happens to him whether he gets hurt, sick, or drunk she starts being pretty demanding giving me orders what to do. It makes me feel like I can’t take care of my boyfriend, don’t know what’s best for him, and she questions my ways of handling things. She’ll basically try to do things and I have no room to do anything until she barks orders.

For example: He falls down bumps his head. She was the first to react and ran to him, started rubbing his head, and then said “Chell! You come here. Rub his head! Run his head see if it’s ok!!” “Go get him water now” he’s perfectly fine but she’s just overreacting.

Yesterday was his birthday and he had a little too much to drink and went to the bathroom to throw up. She starts standing by the door listening and patting his back. She demanded me to stay in the bathroom with him the rest of the party, get water, instructed me to check on him x minutes…as if I wasn’t going to do that….

One time he had 2 glasses of wine and I had one. We are both perfectly fine to drive. She starts telling at him to not drive and then pulls me aside and demands me to drive.

She only is demanding when it comes to him. She’ll tell me not to do something and instead doing something her way to help him.

It’s so annoying. I want to tell her to butt out and stop giving me orders! Tell her to suggest things/ask and trust my way.

Sorry just venting kind of.

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