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Get out your crystal ball: What do you think will be the eventual outcome for NJ Governor Chris Christie?

Asked by jca (35976points) January 14th, 2014

In my neck of the woods, Chris Christie is the topic of recent conversation. In September 2013, for 4 days straight, starting from September 9th, the George Washington Bridge (“The GWB”), one of the most heavily traveled bridges in the world (Goes from NJ to NYC) was down to one lane and traffic diverted through Fort Lee, a small city in NJ. That bridge handles everything from large tractor trailers to regular automobiles.

The order to do major lane closures on the bridge came from outside the Port Authority of NY/NJ, which seems to indicate it had political overtones. The NY Times article states that lane closures like that might normally be years in the planning, and this time, the local officials had just 3 days to plan for this.

The GWB is a potential terrorist target. This occurred just days before one of the 9/11 anniversaries.

A text from Christie’s aide said “Time for some traffic problems in Ft. Lee.” That aide has been fired.

A 91 year old woman was unconscious and died, because the ambulance could not get her medical care in time. It was also the first day of school. Kids sat on school buses for hours. People who just started jobs were hours late. A woman whose husband was undergoing a stem cell operation could not be with him for the surgery. Police cars had to jump curbs to get to emergencies. Some people sat in traffic for 6 hours. The list goes on and on about people whose lives were affected for those 4 days. They said traffic was not crawling, it was not moving at all.

Christie is saying he knew nothing of the plan. If that’s true, it makes him look incompetent (a governor who is not aware of something major going on in his state?). If he did know, he looks like a bully.

I like Chris Christie. He is a Republican that I would actually consider voting for. Other Democrats that I know feel the same way about him. I have heard Republicans say he is not conservative enough. I am hoping he is not found to be “guilty” of this, because then my fondness for him will be out the window.

It’s not looking good for him right now. If it is found that he used public property for political gain/motivation or retribution, he could be impeached. There will be an investigation, and subpoenas.

I am putting up some links to NY Times articles that describe it way better and in far more detail than I am able to.

If you had a crystal ball, what do you think Chris Christie’s future looks like?

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