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What should I do about my disrespectful roommate?

Asked by trinitymat (94points) January 20th, 2014

I moved in with someone who has changed so much since I met her. Where we are, weed is illegal. But beyond that it is not allowed in our apartment building. Yet she smokes both weed and cigarettes. She also has two friends over for two weeks in the house, and she didn’t even ask me. The apartment is tiny, and they all smoke so much. I told them that they can if the window is open, but now I regret it since I didn’t think they would smoke 24/7. I do not know what her deal is, but I can sense sometimes she does things just to piss me off. She uses my things without asking, although I told her more than 10 times that she can not. I even put a list of rules on the refri. but no good. She seems to be mentally sick, and she wants me to die with her. She has an evil smile, and nothing that comes out of her mouth has a good purpose. She lacks empathy and sympathy. I am a quiet person who loves to read and write and who wouldn’t want music blasting all the time. She however can never function without weed or music.

At this point, I am thinking, when I see her friends smoke again I will tell them that I changed my mind and they can’t. Would that be rude?

But, I don’t know what to do with my roommate. We are on lease until August. I asked her last month if either she or I can move out, and she changed the subject and never opened it again.

I just e-mailed the landlord letting him know that my roommate is smoking all the time. I hope he can do something about it. If this doesn’t work, I am thinking about letting her parents know what’s going on. If that also doesn’t work I will call the cops on her. I would move out but she won’t pay my money.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help.

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