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Is it okay if I beat my roommate up?

Asked by trinitymat (94points) January 21st, 2014

As you can see from my previous question, I’ve had enough. Your answers were very helpful. I have talked to her more than 20 times before and she never listens, and very recently my father talked to her asking for her father’s e-mail. She didn’t give it so my dad told her how disrespectful she is to me and that if it’s not fixed he will have to come. They talked a bit more. The annoying part is that she made fun of my dad, thinking I was asleep. Then one of her other friends came and she silently shut her door (so I couldn’t hear) and read my father’s messages and they all laughed out loud so bad. At the point I was shaking and I either was going to storm in her room and punch her in the face or leave. I left and stayed over at my friends house, all night thinking about destroying her room and beating her up so she would just be at least ‘afraid’ of me from now on and stop being toxic.

She wouldn’t call the cops on me because she hates cops more than life itself. I asked some of my older friends and they said that there’s nothing else you can do so you must do it. I don’t want to be the little puppy anymore who is living with animal cruelty. We are humans but even in our human life there can be dominant ones and passive ones. She has to understand my place.

For all of you, I am not allowed to move out it is absolutely not an option, and my landlord didn’t help at all.

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