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Help desperately needed: Does anyone know of this list?

Asked by anotherstranger (55points) January 29th, 2014

I came across a list some time ago and I absolutely adored it, until I forgot where I documented it and now cannot relocate. It was a list, not made by myself, of things that tell you about the other person, or things that I’m curious of when meeting someone, or something along those lines. The exact source, title, and content is unknown, but a list of traits/quirks/habits of people that ‘someone’ judges another person on.

I believe some of the things included what time they sleep, their relationship with parents, something to do with fingernails.

I know I really liked this list, and felt like it was a really good representation of my mindset, so it is genuinely bothering me that I can’t find the list and that I can’t remember the content.

Does anyone have any idea which list I am talking about, and or know where it is from, and or can tell me what the list actually is?

Thank you so much in advance.

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