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Tips on flirting through text/messaging?

Asked by sirabi (27points) February 5th, 2014

Hi all – I am looking for some tips/advice on how to flirt successfully over text messages with a physical attraction. I naturally use my body language to flirt with a man and it works well, but over text I have no idea what a man likes to hear.

Here is my situation – Months ago, I ended a 4 year relationship. I spent some time to myself and am now ready to start talking to men again. However, I am not ready for any long-term commitments as I am focusing on my career and personal goals. So, there’s this man I’ve been attracted to for quite some time, and he also has recently got out of a relationship. Him and I have always been physically attracted to each other, and we have recently talked about ‘hanging out.’ Now, this is very exciting (but also nerve-wrecking) for me as I have never had a purely physical relationship before. However, I think it would be good for me to just explore, have some fun and not have to worry about commitments for a while – which is great because I know he is looking for the same thing. We don’t know each other on a super personal level, but we have spent time together in the past and know that we are both good people.

So! What I am looking for is some advice on flirting over text/messaging! In person, it is very natural and easy for me to flirt with him, but over the internet it is a whole different story. We do not have the opportunity to see each other much, so to keep the spark alive, it’s necessary for a flirty text here and there, but due to my nerves and uncomfortability with flirting through text – I tend to over think/analyze what I want to say. Also, he is a bit older so I suppose that also intimidates me.

What are some sexy/original things I can say over text to intrigue him/keep him interested? Things that are not typical or cheesy.

Thanks in advance for your time and comments. :)

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