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Would You Close the Blog?

Asked by JennJ (35points) February 7th, 2014

Hi all! I’m hoping some of you fine jellyfish can help me with a problem.

I’ll just jump right in.

If you were keeping a blog so the biological family of a six-year-old adoptee could keep updated on her, and then you got a really vulgar, angry email when you missed a couple weeks of posting because you were sick, would you take the blog down and completely close the adoption?

(They are not allowed to have contact with the little one because they have trouble with drugs and alcohol, and the bio dad has now decided that we “stole” his child away from him, so we fear physical backlash as well.)

The little one is my bio daughter, and she was adopted by her step-dad in June with a voluntary waiver of rights from the bio dad, who knew that no contact was a very real possibility.

Oh, the uncle is the one who sent the letter.

Any help you can give on this would be amazing! I honestly feel completely lost, and I don’t want to make the wrong decision…

Thank you!!!

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