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Should I keep seeing doctors after getting normal test results?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15623points) February 15th, 2014 from iPhone

TMI alert. You’ve been warned.

Two years ago when I was planning my wedding, I noticed that my stool was a bit pale, so I went to Urgent Care. They did an x-ray and apparently found large gas pockets. They diagnosed me with a mild case of IBS worsened by stress and sent me on my way. My symptom went away shortly thereafter.

Two months ago, I was having one of my, “I’m dying of cancer” episodes, I had a feeling of swelling/fullness under my right ribcage. Not pain, just a strange feeling. It went away once I stopped stressing.

I’m not stressed or anxious now but over the last two weeks, I’ve noticed my stools getting progressively lighter. Yesterday, they were nearly white. I went to Urgent Care and they did blood work. Liver function normal, bilirubin normal. He felt nothing when palpating my abdomen. He’s scheduling me for an ultrasound next week to be safe, but he suspects it’s the IBS.

However, pale stool isn’t a symptom of IBS – not anywhere I’ve looked anyway. Pale stool usually indicates a liver or gallbladder issue. I have no fever, abdominal pain, jaundice, or any other symptoms whatsoever. Whitish stool isn’t normal, though. Today it was back to mostly normal with whitish sections.

My question is this: if the ultrasound comes back clean, should I get a second opinion or just leave it alone unless I develop other symptoms?

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