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Would you help me word this?

Asked by LornaLove (9395points) February 18th, 2014

I am currently working as a copywriter from home. My partner managed to secure a great job where we get regular jobs from this person and they pay quickly too.

This year and last year, we have enjoyed regular income from this person and because of this have tended to want to feature this income into our life plan.

Obviously we do not know how long the work will continue, it is for a site that seems to be very successful although I have not seen the site yet.

How can I ask them how long they anticipate the work coming in without seeming pushy? Let’s call the work ‘batches’ for the purpose of this question.

We will say something like: ‘Love the work and we are enjoying it immensely do you anticipate more work over January and February?’. They will say in reply ‘Yes! We have over 200 batches here!’ (Or something like that). We know they have tons of writers they are sending to.

How can we ask them for a time frame? Or is that something we should not ask?

I am also looking for other ‘pyjama work’, i.e. working from home in this way, if anyone knows of anything.

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