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Where can I find working drivers for a Sony Vaio laptop that was bought in Taiwan?

Asked by z (20points) June 30th, 2008

The Vaio is about 3/4 years old now, and I just did a reinstallation of Windows XP to clean things up a bit. Before the reinstall, I managed to track down this page on the Sony Asia website, and downloaded all of the listed drivers onto a memory stick.

Having formatted the disk and installed Windows, I installed the drivers in the order listed on the website. They all worked perfectly, except for the Realtek audio driver.

No sound was played by the computer, and when viewing the sound preferences under the Control Panel, I was informed that there is “No Audio Device”.

I rebooted the laptop, and still nothing happened. Tried uninstalling the driver from Add/Remove Applications, reinstalling it, and nothing happened. So eventually, I figured something must have gone wrong.

I reinstalled Windows XP Professional from scratch, and again repeated the driver installations. They all worked fine, except for the Realtek driver… again.

What options do I have? The audio was working just fine before I reinstalled Windows the first time, so I can safely assume that the card itself is not damaged in any way. The laptop has never been dropped, scuffed, dented, and barely left the house.

I’m sat here staring at the (silent) desktop, so any suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you all very much for your time!


Sony Vaio FS VGN-FS38SP
2.13GHz Processor
DVD-RW Optical Drive
15.4” Wide Screen
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6400 with TurboCache (128mb)
1GB of RAM

FYI, I say mine, but it’s actually my Mum’s. I’m a Mac user, so you don’t need to suggest that. :) Oh, and I’ve been hanging around silently on Fluther for a week or so but haven’t used the account I made until now. Say hello!

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