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If your child had a ”gay gene”, or a sequence of genes leading to gayness, would you leave it unaltered if there was a way to eliminate, or modify it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) February 22nd, 2014

disclaimer I have no idea if there is a ”gay gene”, my thoughts is that it originates from another source which I will not disclose as to hopefully keep the discussion on the question at hand.

Science (or whoever), discover there is a gene that causes people to be gay or a sequence of genes thereof. There is a test where this gene can be identified. If you discover as a result of the screening that your yet-to-be born child has it, leading to the propensity for he/she being gay would you leave it intact if you were told that gene therapy could remove it or modify it as to make it dormant, or benign? If you chose to have it dealt with, why would you?

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