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I am confused by health insurance, can someone help me?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) February 24th, 2014 from iPhone

I am on my mom’s insurance. In june I will age out (26). I will likely not be re-hired next year at my job due to a decrease in services we provide. My contract ends in May. I will either go to grad school or look for a similar job in other districts (I’m a teacher aide).

My questions.

1. I know the affordable care act has a special enrollment period, does aging out qualify me?

2. If I work, I won’t need the ACA insurance and will go with the job-based. Can I cancel after just 3 months (school insurance is pretty great).

3. What is a deductible?

4.I’m high risk for a dettached retina (which can lead to blindness). I also have yearly visits with an opthmalogist due to my low vision. Should I take anything into consideration when choosing a plan based on this?

5. I make just under $25k a year (gross income) but only about 15k in takehome pay. Basically I make very little. I’m kind of freaking out about losing another 15% to health insurance it looks like.

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