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Are you going to Join the National Day of Unplugging (March 7-8, 2014) and if so, how hard or easy will it be for you to disconnect from internet and cell phone for 24 hours?

Asked by jca (35898points) March 2nd, 2014

See the link “National Day of Unplugging”

There is a push to unplug internet and cell phones for a 24 hour period, and instead, interact with people directly for that 24 hour period.

Are you going to do it? If so, how easy or hard will it be for you?

I just heard about it this morning on TV, and I am interested in it, but honestly, will be using my cell phone on Saturday as I am doing a long distance shopping trip.

I do admit that since Facebook, internet and texting, I rarely speak to my friends on the phone any more. When I do receive a call and see their number on caller ID, my first thought is “why aren’t they emailing me?”

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