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How to become popular, respected, confident, and a generally more relaxed person?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30712points) March 6th, 2014

I have a few ideas, which have worked for me, and upon me from others. I’m hoping you can share ideas of your own which can help a person, specifically a younger person, achieve the confidence and level of popularity they desire, the respect they yearn for, and the relaxed future they dream of.

One thing that endeared me to a new long time friend was his taste and knowledge of music. My friend Don treats music like wine, seeming magically to know what style of music to play at any given moment. He shares play lists which create mood.

Point being, he became such an expert in something that it’s nothing he has to prove to anyone. His confidence is always one of sharing knowledge he has with the world, and understanding that by doing so, some in the world will become good life long friends. He love to learn from others too.

Kyle is the same, but he shares his computer knowledge, offering it up faster than a call to tech support. He’s found something that he enjoys and has become so relaxed with that it is no problem at all to share with and assist others. He also loves to learn from others.

My advice to young people is to forget about whether someone “likes” you or not. But to concentrate instead on finding your creative life love, and how to share it with others. With sharing comes natural networking, creating real opportunities far beyond whatever vague dream one might delude themselves with. I mean, dreams are nice and all. But reality is better.

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