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Been feeling groggy lately?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 18th, 2014

I have, best friend is leaving to Japan tomorrow. He’s in the Navy. I don’t know I feel like I’ve been lashing out on not just this forum, but also on other forums. (Sorry for that btw)

It’s just that this guy has been so down to do any project I had in mind and you know, we’re just two 26 year olds trying to figure it out. Eventually his mom got re-married and pretty much told him he couldn’t live with them anymore. He was pursuing a bachelors degree but with the timing and all he had to settle for an associates degree.

He was the perfect puzzle to any of my projects and he was open about it and would always tell me he was open to all ideas and would pursue them with me.

I mean this is his fate at this point and I’m extremely grateful for all this time but man, I just feel like because of my indecisiveness we didn’t exactly take off, when if we stuck to even just one of our music projects we could’ve long gone taken off but I would always pull the plug on the project after playing shows and stuff, gaining a following etc…

I guess I feel we had the opportunity but now it’s too late (at least for the next three years) to capitalize on anything with the two of us. I’m sorry I just feel a mixture of regret, I feel like I let him down, some harsh criticism. I don’t know I feel a lot of emotions with this man. Well the good in this is a mutual friend of ours is moving back from Vegas and I know this sounds extremely selfish but I guess he will “fill the void?” they are different flavors of course but I consider both of them equally my best friends. So I’m lucky/blessed for that.

Anyways back to my OP…

Can a shift in friendships cause one to become depressed or groggy? Ever experience something like this?

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