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How to deal with someone at work who doesn't like you?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) March 21st, 2014 from iPhone

I had a feeling the manager of crisis didn’t like me. Boy did today confirm my theory because she told my supervisor some things and she sat down and had a talk with me.

Incident 1:
I interview applicants for her department and if they are okay I pass them along to her for a second interview. This African man came in for the interview and I was told by her to not give her to him for the second interview if his accent is difficult to understand.

I agreed. I interviewed him and didn’t pass him for a second interview because he was difficult to understand. But he was willing to work the weekend night shift which is very difficult to fill. I talked to the crisis manager and she got upset that I didn’t pass him to her if I felt that way….but I was just doing as I was told by her!!

Crisis manager was supposed to create this new hire’ straining schedule by a date. I never received it so 5 days passed and I asked if it was ready. She told me she forgot about it and will get it to me. Later on that day she complained to my supervisor that I told her boss she forgot to do a schedule. I never told her boss anything!!! I told my supervisor I had no idea what she was talking about and I wasn’t a tattle tale. I don’t know if crisis manager believed me.

She then forgets another schedule to complete pass the date she said she’d have it ready. I asked her nicely as I could if she received my request for a new hire schedule. She then told my supervisor I’m being pushy and rushing her and that I’m questioning her authority by not trusting she’ll get it done.

FOURTH incident:
She created a guy’s new schedule and there was an error on it. Me and the guy got confused so I asked her for clarification because I wasn’t sure which was correct…she then got smart with me for pointing out the mistake when I honestly tried to not make it seem that way.

This is just a few. I couldn’t believe how this became all my fault. I’m afraid I’ll lose my job over her.

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