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Have you been to a chiropractor, and if so, did you find it helpful? How many sessions did it take before you felt better?

Asked by jca (35968points) March 22nd, 2014

My health insurance pays for 35 sessions of chiropractic. Some of my coworkers go and they say they feel a lot better. They go to one particular chiropractor who, they say, likes to see them once a week for 30 weeks.

I don’t have a bad back but when I turn my neck a certain way, it feels a little stiff. The other day at work, I hugged someone and it made major cracking sounds. The person said “was that your neck?” and it was somewhat embarrassing. I am wondering if a chiropractor would be helpful. If so, would it take 30 sessions? I really don’t have time for 30 appointments of anything and am wondering if that particular chiropractor is just looking to milk the insurance.

I have heard other people say that going to a chiropractor feels great, while others say they screw you up. What do you think?

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