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How's this for a compromise on voter identification laws (see details)?

Asked by SavoirFaire (24126points) April 16th, 2014

Proponents of voter ID laws say that they are worried about fraud. Opponents say that they are worried about disenfranchising people who would have trouble obtaining identification.

Both sides say that the other has no evidence that their worry is a legitimate concern (as there are very few examples of voter fraud that would have been stopped by any proposed voter ID law and very few examples of people who were clearly disenfranchised due to any existing voter ID law).

So here’s a compromise (based loosely on what my own state does): require voter identification, but provide it for free to every properly registered voter. If the identification is required, then whatever worries proponents have about fraud should be eliminated. If the identification is free, then whatever worries opponents have about the laws constituting a poll tax or disenfranchising the poor should also be eliminated.

What say you?

Please try to come up with cleverer objections than discussing the cost. The currently existing voter ID laws are already projected to cost quite a bit, so this is only a genuine objection if you are opposed to voter ID laws in general.

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