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Bad Cat! Any suggestions to get him to stop chewing wires?

Asked by hearkat (22728points) April 20th, 2014

This was previously asked in 2008, so I think it’s OK to get a new take on this topic.

I’ve had dozens of cats over my lifetime (mostly females), and this has never been an issue. However, our newest kitty, Thor – a 3-year-old male tuxedo – chews through the charging cables for our laptops and mobile devices. We haven’t found any evidence of chewing on regular cords for lamps and such.

Our most recent cable purchase, I’ve sprayed with the stuff that is supposed to deter them from clawing the furniture; but I wondered if there are other techniques. The fact that these devices are moblile/portable means that we use them all over the house, so hiding the cables defeats that purpose.

I thought maybe I’d give him an old, already destroyed cable to chomp on – but he wouldn’t know the distinction. He had tons of toys all over the house, but he doesn’t really chew on those. I was wondering if anyone is aware of alternative chew toys for cats that could satisfy this urge?

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