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Do you know anyone with this annoying personality trait ?

Asked by Aster (18382points) April 24th, 2014

I have a Facebook friend I’ve had for two years. He has thousands of friends on there. In every single reply to every female he says, “I Love you! xxoo” or, “what a cutie! xxoo.” For every actor’s photo he posts he says, “Love his work! One of the best ever!” Not once will he say, “he’s average” or, “she’s an alright actor.” The one and only good thing that could come of this would be if you met him he’d go on Facebook and say wonderful things about you. If you threw your drink in his face he’d say, “she is such a fun person! Love her!” Does he Really feel this way or is he insincere? Or is he a fake? Have you ever heard of anyone like this? And one step further: if I comment favorably to a mutual friend’s post he’ll “like” my post. It’s as if, to him, there are no negatives in life.

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