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Is it common to feel "scared" of your boss?

Asked by chelle21689 (6866points) April 28th, 2014 from iPhone

As some of you know I’ve worked at this place for a job I’ve been trying hard to get.

One crisis manager didn’t like me but it turns out she doesn’t like a lot of people and she’s a negative person always complaining.

I’ve thought this place was awesome but the longer I’m here the more I see how fake it was. Some people are cliquish although nice, my supervisor is fair and cool with me but she seems fake. She is nice to everyone but talks crap about some people… So it makes me wonder if she talks about me.

I’m not scared of her and she makes me feel like I do a good job but I’m scared constantly of the big boss. The boss of our department. Now he’s a nice guy but I feel like I can never do anything right like it’s not good enough even though I try.

Some of my ideas I spit to him and he forgets it and if someone else higher up suggests it he will bring it up and forget I’ve mentioned that idea. He is a big perfectionist and even got on me how I staple lol…that was a first.

I’m constantly worried if I’ll do something to upset him. Sometimes my supervisor directs me to do something when I ask for her help and it ends up being wrong sometimes and I get the blame.

I’m not in big trouble or anything but it’s just small little things that can add up and make me look bad…and I can’t rat my supervisor out because she’s in charge of me and my reviews, the boss thinks she’s perfect and constantly tells me to look up to her.

He expects me to know everything at the top of my head when he asks me a ton of questions like it’s an interrogation (he does this with everyone), considering I’m relatively new with some things I tell him I need to refer to my paperwork. I don’t know at the top of my head the 250 employee’s supervisors and the status of my 20 applicants plus new hires unless I go look at my notes, I feel like he expects me to be like my supervisor because she’s been there for years and knows everything.

I know how to do my job, I don’t make the same mistake twice, and it seems like every day something small but new in a different scenario is thrown at me where I have I ask a question. Is that normal also?

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