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Am I wrong to be upset?

Asked by Bionicbora (16points) May 16th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m going to apologize for this being so long. I come from an Arab family which isn’t exactly open to the whole idea of being gay. While my immediate family knows none of them have met my partner of almost 5 years. Just recently, my family was having a cookout and my mother had invited me to come over and introduce him to my family. The problem is is that my sister is married to someone who is occasionally a bigot. I had asked my sister to please make sure she told her husband that not only was I gay but also that my partner would be at my mothers. My intent was to not surprise him or catch them offguard and I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. When I had asked my sister if she had told her husband yet she originally had told me that she did. However when I asked her again she had admitted that she had not told him. She had told me that she thought it was very awkward to talk to her husband about this. She stated that she did not mean any disrespect but just felt weird explain anything to him. Frustrated I said then I will not go to the cookout because I do not want anyone to make anyone feel awkward. She responded with okay well I understand that’s your choice.

Since this happened about a week ago she is not called me text me message me or said anything I just find it extremely frustrating that they continue to say that they want to be part of my life however feel the need to make me feel even more awkward about the situation.

What is even more frustrating is that my immediate family members became upset that I ended up leaving instead of staying. They claimed I was just being a child about the whole situation. However I just did not want to put my partner nor my brother-in-law message situation that would be uncomfortable for both. Secondly I was afraid of the remarks my again sometimes bigoted brother-in-law would have made inappropriate comments which would’ve caused an all-out family feud.

Is it wrong of me to be upset that my sister has not contacted me since this day? Is it also wanted to feel upset about the whole situation in general?

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