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Well-meaning relative is spamming my facebook page?

Asked by Haleth (19499points) May 21st, 2014

One of my older relatives has become very active on facebook recently. She’s discovered the “tag” feature, where you can post something along with the name of a friend. When you do that, it shows up on their page and in their news feed.

She does this about once a day, with me and my sister. The stuff she likes is REALLY not my wheelhouse. It’s things like, “you won’t BELIEVE that this puppy and this squirrel are friends!” or “look at this adorable kitten yawning!” or “these silly babies are dressed like movie stars!” etc. I don’t post things anywhere near that often. So now most of the stuff my friends see from me is like… taxidermied squirrels and sad-eyed cats and stuff.

I had some serious, hardcore depression for about three years, and basically just went to work and functioned and didn’t talk to anybody. Now I’m feeling a little better, and starting to use facebook to get back in touch with old friends. But these relationships are still in the fragile, rebuilding stage. Not everyone knows why I dropped off the map for so long, but I’m starting to tell a few people here and there.

It makes me feel really immature to be so bothered about this. Being embarrassed by your family is such an adolescent thing, right? Her posts don’t seem to be hurting anything, but I’d really like to come across as well-adjusted and normal right now. Thoughts?

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