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What myths do you feel have been brought to light by the murder spree of Elliot "The Day of Retribution" Rodger?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) May 25th, 2014

For instance, is there one thing that jumps out as a truth for you more than the other? Was he bullied? Was he too weird? Or was he simply a spoiled entitled misogynic? Was it his upbringing? Or is he legitimately mentally ill.

If you believe him to be mentally ill, what is the difference between this white murderer vs a black murderer? (I’m reading a lot of articles stating that because he is white, the media will cap a “mentally ill” tag on him while if he were a minority not from a rich background he would tagged as a “thug.”

I don’t believe it’s anyone factor that determines what people tag him as. For instance the Virginia Tech shooter, who was Asian, could have also been seen as “mentally ill.” But why is it? Is it because they are surrounded by an educational institute or backed by money that causes others to believe one is either mentally ill or a thug.

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