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How can I get over hating people?

Asked by cactisharp (1points) June 3rd, 2014

I know it’s not good to hate people because it’s wrong, you should always forgive them and it just makes you miserable anyway and you’re the one to suffer for it, not them. But sometimes I can’t help it, I hate them anyway and it’s not like normal hate, it’s hate where you just can’t stand them at all and you just want to do bad stuff to them. And the thing is, I know I should forgive them and not hold grudges because I wouldn’t want somebody to hate me but that doesn’t help at all, I still do it, it’s like I’m a hypocrite. It also feels good AND miserable at the same time too. Good as in I enjoy it because I have these fantasies in my head about hurting them but I know I never will in real life and I never have so far. And then it’s miserable because I’m constantly thinking about what they did to me when I know they don’t even think about it at all and they don’t care, it never crosses their mind. So why should I be miserable when they aren’t? I think the major reason I hate people is because I’m kind of weak and I’m not confrontational at all, so they know I’ll never do anything to them or say anything. They’ll say and do mean stuff to me and I won’t do anything back, and I’ll even smile right to their faces. But inside I hate their guts and I want to do bad stuff to them that I’ll never do in real life, I just think about it and it kind of helps so far, and it also feels good. But I know it’s pathetic because I’m only hurting myself and I’m sick of doing this all the time, can you tell me some stuff that would help get rid of it?

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