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Is it unreasonable to ask people to remove pictures of you from their facebook?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) June 3rd, 2014

I don’t have a facebook, I don’t have a twitter, snapchat, instagram, whatever the hell else is out there. Fluther is the closest I get to “social media”.

I try and be very conscious about what I chose to share online, if you google my full name, you won’t get any results. I had to work pretty hard for that. I’d also like to not have any images of myself online either for the same privacy reasons.

When I talk to most people about this they think I’m crazy or paranoid but so be it, it’s my choice. I’ve asked people before in the past to remove pictures of me they took(some I was aware of, some I wasn’t aware at all) and then posted on their face book.

People tend to make a big deal out of this, sometimes I have to pester the person for weeks before they take it down and in some cases it has led to a fight or two.

Am I being totally unreasonable here?

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