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Would it be viable for the USA to create a designated town for the homeless where it would be government or private sector funded similar to retirement homes?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) June 4th, 2014

I could see this helping the economy! Homeless people come from all different backgrounds and strifes. Maybe there could be a center where they all work and live in their own community. I’m not talking about providing section 8 within a city but a place where they are indeed homeless. Basically, a place where quitters can go and just live out their lives on the bare minimum of necessities. Within the town there would be something like a work force place and the housing would provide them an address so they can fill out applications for jobs etc.

I’d call this town, or if multiple ones show up in a state “Converter Town” I think the goal would be for these homeless to seek out help in hopes of a transition back into the general public.

This would also clean up the streets in downtowns all across the nation.

Or would this be too messy? None of my thoughts are concrete, I’m merely speculating so please bare with me my notions.

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