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What does my income have to do with my maximum rental assistance payment?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) June 6th, 2014 from iPhone

I am being moved from my current home because the city purchased the land to expand public beach access. I have been assigned a Relocation Assistance Agent, who is operating under California Code to compensate me for my troubles.

He asked for my tax returns last year in order to calculate my maximum rental assistance payment. If the California Code stipulates a certain maximum or a 42 month assistance, whichever is less, then why does my income have any bearing on my payout?

My understanding is that the government must pay the amount above and beyond my current rent and utilities for a comparable housing unit. So if my current tally is $1000 and my next home is $1200, then I am compensated $200/month for 42 months with a cap of $5,250.

Do any of you know what my current income has to do with that?

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