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Have you ever received an offer, when, after doing the math, you see that they're not doing you any favors?

Asked by jca (35976points) June 9th, 2014

Today I called up to renew my subscription to The New Yorker. I love this magazine, because it’s got great writing, informative articles and funny cartoons.

It’s $69 per year for print and digital access.

They offered me an additional 12 weeks for $18. That sounds like a lovely offer till you do the math. 24 weeks = $36. 48 weeks = $72. It’s better to pay for a whole year @ $69 than do do 48 weeks for $72, yet someone who doesn’t do the math is going to say “wow, a little bonus! Let me go for it!”

I’m still scratching my head.

I told the girl on the phone to let the powers that be know that if they actually do the math, it’s not a great deal. She said she just had to offer it (in other words, it’s part of her job to say it).

Have you ever had that happen? A deal that’s not really a deal?

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