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I have an uncle and an old schoolmate, both of whom are named Dick, am I (or they) allowed to use their name on this site?

Asked by Kardamom (27961points) June 18th, 2014

Actually my uncle goes by the name of Dickie, but my old schoolmate goes by Dick. Both of them have the full name of Richard. One is a Jr. and the other is not.

This is not about semantics, I just want to know what words that are legitimate, non-obscene words, are allowed on Fluther?

I’m curious to know, because my last 2 questions, that were not obscene in any way, were deemed as such and no explanation was given to me as to why a bunch of other questions that used the same words (regarding a piece of female anatomy that could be considered NSFW) were not modded.

My first question was not obscene, but dirty minded people could certainly conjure up dirty images in their heads. My second question was not a game, I am simply trying to find out what is considered obscene and what is not, and why some things that have been deemed obscene in my question, tits and boobies, to be specific, were not modded in other questions.

Now I’m beginning to understand that life without Auggie leads to heavy-handed, silly, and inconsistent modding practices.

Remember the flap a few years ago about the word Niggardly. People got upset and reacted foolishly, because they were too ignorant or lazy to find out what the word actually meant. I’m guessing we’re not able to use the word niggardly here either, right?

Just give us all the information, please. I don’t want this hidden in a PM just to me, I think the rest of the Jellies deserve an answer.

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