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How can I recover from a lack of common sense?

Asked by kalrbing (287points) June 25th, 2014

I have recently realized that I lack a lot of common sense. I have always been extremely smart academically, but I feel like my daily rationale of things doesn’t always make sense to others.
A little back ground knowledge:
*I am a 25 year old middle school math teacher
*i was sheltered and over protected a bit as a child
*people from many different parts of my life (coworkers, family, old classmates, etc) have a tendency to tell me that I’m blonde (it boils my blood)
*I have adult ADD/ADHD
*i feel like no one understands my thinking and they mistake my logic for a lack of it

For instance, I have noticed that I have explained things to people and they’ll say no, it’s actually this…..but we were usually talking about the exact same thing, I just said it how it made sense to me.

I GUESS I’m just posting this to figure out if anyone else has some of these problems or if someone can help me figure out how to fix it.

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