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Do police precincts have certain hours?

Asked by rory (1392points) July 4th, 2014

I live in New York City. Recently, I was involve in a fender bender (a cab hit me as I was at a 45 degree angle pulling into a parking space). I need to get the accident report from the local precinct. I have the report number, but I need to go there in person to pick up the physical paper.

I’ve been calling the precinct repeatedly, both yesterday and today, and they aren’t picking up the phone. I’ve heard online that this particular precinct is TERRIBLE with picking up the phone, though.

It’s about an hour and twenty minutes away via subway (and my parents have the car out of state for the weekend). Should I go in today, the fourth of July, and hope they can give me the report? Or wait till tomorrow early morning and risk missing plans I have?

I’d like to get this report as soon as possible, because my insurance company needs it.

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