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Why or why not is it relevant to still function as a United States of America?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) July 9th, 2014

One state is red the next is blue (aside from the swing states) and so on and so on. So what’s the point of being a United States of America anymore? The opposite ends of the spectrums are so night and day I no longer see a point on where politics agree or disagree, there’s no room in the middle ever it seems.

Socially speaking what benefits or negative outcomes do you see arising, if the United States had decided to become individualized.

From what it seems economically it looks split down the middle as to whether it takes a red or blue state to make money.

**Disclaimer** I’m just trying to promote discussion. Please no personal attacks. This question came to me when I realized through FaceBook comments neither reds or blues ever meet in the middle with a discussion. It nearly always ends with Benghazi scandal pulled up, or Obamas this or that, or the liberal media this or that.

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