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How do I make friends?

Asked by squirbel (4169points) July 22nd, 2014

I am a hermit – always have been.

Why am I a hermit? Because I am a highly sensitive person.

Am I shy? No.

Am I insecure? Not at all.

Am I antisocial? Quite a bit.

Am I able to be social? Very much so! I talk to perfect strangers with ease.

What’s my problem? Actually going where people are.

I do not know how to go to places where people are, outside of going to cafes and such. I can talk to strangers easily, but usually I have no decent place to meet decent strangers.

Basically what I need are a list of places where I can go to meet educated, intelligent strangers I can meet. I never drink, so I’m a bummer in that department. I read a whole lot [I read rather than watch television]. I have many assorted hobbies, and my profession is in computers. But as a female in the computing industry, I have a certain allergy toward computing people and the very topic of computing unless its about future technologies.

Today, when I was at a cafe, I was feeling the need to step outside my box. I asked an older gentleman who was sitting alone if I may keep him company. He was happy to receive me, and we chatted for a good while. We made a lunch date for next week. I have a new friend!

But in general, once I start talking – people find me to be cute and very open and approachable. But before I open up, I look like I just want to be left alone, and people usually oblige. ^.~

I need to get rid of that first appearance. So, I come to the fluther for advice.

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