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Captioned telephones in the UK?

Asked by EmJay1070 (172points) August 2nd, 2014

I’m hearing impaired and have a landline telephone with a digital cordless phone. One of the things I’ve been checking out recently is the provision of captioned telephony in the UK. There is only one service I’ve been able to find, Typetalk. It’s not available to me as you need to be with British Telecom. And you need a special minicom style telephone. It would be beneficial to all HI people who need it, to have a captioned telephone system that could be accessed irrespective of your phone line provider. And I haven’t found an option for captions on Skype. The only other captioned phone systems I’ve found (for example Bee Media) are for business use, not home use. Does anyone know of a captioned phone system (either for a landline phone, or online) that can be used for home telephones in the UK?

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