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Photographers: Help! Would you please give me advice for shooting cars in harsh sunlight?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) August 4th, 2014

My new job (marketing photographer for multiple dealership) requires me to shoot new vehicles that are out on the lot already, in harsh sunlight.

Obviously this is not ideal. I haven’t shot outside during the 12pm-3pm time frame since shooting sports for my college newspaper.

So please feel free to advise me as if I were picking up the camera, and set to shoot for the first time ever, in harsh sunlight. I pretty much need to photograph the whole outside of the vehicle and inside.

The company has equipped me with a DSLR.

Things to consider…

There is no one parking lot, sometimes the job requires that I pull a vehicle out of the parking zone, never anyone spot and never really one certain direction…

Tips please! Thank you!


Thanks so much for the jellies to helped me with my resume/interview questions they helped me land this job of what I feel is considered my first professional gig, albeit entry level, it’s (Full Time) with benefits etc!

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