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If you and your potential spouse are religious folks, and your particular religion frowns upon pre-marital sex, but your potential spouse already did have sex with someone, would you still be willing to marry them?

Asked by Kardamom (28105points) August 7th, 2014

This is assuming that you, as a religious person, agree with your religion’s stance, that pre-marital sex should not be condoned, and therefore you, yourself have not had pre-marital sex.

Maybe your potential spouse just slipped up one time, or maybe he/she regularly had pre-marital sex with a previous boyfriend/girlfriend and have now decided that they should not have done that. Is this person still a good choice for you, since the two of you didn’t have sex with each other?

Would it depend upon whether the potential spouse was previously not religious, and has now come to find your religion as their own calling? It seems like in this case, it would be Ok, because the person has realized their error.

Would it be OK, if the potential spouse was always of your same religion, but chose to have pre-marital sex with someone anyway? Would it make a difference if that person felt guilty about it?

I’m not religious and consider pre-marital sex to be a prerequisite for marriage. I’m totally cool with other people deciding to wait until marriage, because it doesn’t affect my own relationships : )

I’m putting this in General, because I just want to hear the viewpoints and reasons behind the thoughts and decisions.

Try to keep this polite folks.

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