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Anyone have a magic formula for creating dummy-proof, interactive .pdf forms that anyone can download, complete and return?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) August 8th, 2014 from iPhone

My work relies on interactive .pdf forms as a tool for clients to open and/or download from our website, fill out, and then send to us by email.

I am new to all of this, but I am generally responsible now for uploading these .pdfs to our website, and I also receive forms completed by clients.

Most of these forms are created in MS Word for PC and exported to interactive .pdf. Some are created in Word for Mac and some are created in Acrobat Pro for both PC and Mac.

Some end users have problems because they try to complete the forms in their browser. Others have problems after they download the form, especially if it is protected and they don’t understand they have to make a duplicate or whatever to fill in the blanks, save, and send. One form in particular has an “Email this form” button which is supposed to execute a “mailto:” command but either the button is broken or some users don’t have a dedicated email program enabled on their machine.

So, if you have a magic formula or resource, please let me know. I need to learn this stuff. Thanks!

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