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Has intellect overcome instinct in humans?

Asked by dxs (14495points) August 9th, 2014

What are some examples of instincts that humans have? Have we been able to overcome some of them by intellect? I’ve heard that our evolution hasn’t kept up with our advances in technology—some say our bodies aren’t fit for modern society (ex: obesity). Others say that it’s instinctual for us to be attracted to the opposite sex so that we may multiply. My body tells me when I’m hungry and when I’m thirsty, etc., but did I always know that eating and drinking respectively would appease that feeling?
The reasons I do things seem to be justified by intellect, not instinct. So maybe I just don’t realize my instincts. Nothing I do seems to compare to how dogs know to pee on fire hydrants and jewel wasps know to use a cockroach to store larvae.
I’m not an expert in any of this, so please correct me if I’m way off.

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