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What is this longing?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) August 15th, 2014

It’s somewhere along the terms of nostalgia, but I feel it’s deeper than that.

Whenever I see images like this

I feel an extremely deep longing for this scenery. And I’m not talking about, oh I’d love to go visit such an island, and vacation. My thoughts and feelings are telling me, wow this place is beautiful, this used to be home, this is where you thrived and still could if you wanted.

In a way it’s sad and beautiful. It’s sad in a way that as a human being I’m stripped away from a world where I was once free to hunt and gather on my own. Now I’m not in denial of the fact that of course there was turmoil and struggle with that kind of purely hunter gatherer society, but it just seems so natural to me. Now? For the most part of what I see in society, we are living out others dreams and working in the capitalistic system to fulfill other peoples goals. Of course I understand it’s a symbiotic community as well, they get money, we get paid we buy things etc, etc. I’m in the system too, I’m not denying that.

But again, whenever I see a photograph like that. It just feels so right.

What do you call this feeling?

**(I don’t feel this way with forests per say, usually only places along big bodies of water, sun sets, and star lights. I also feel most comfortable and vibrant during night time, I promise you I feel like going through the day time has felt like a drag ever since I was a teen.)

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