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What else can we do?

Asked by hearkat (22728points) August 22nd, 2014

Did you see the article I shared on FB the other day? The system is rigged, and I don’t know how we can change it. And like the author said, in the bigger picture, it is a class issue more than a race issue at this point – those in power just want to oppress those who are not in power. It has historically been easier for them to oppress non-whites, but the 1% really doesn’t care what their minions look like.

They just like that various demographics in the working class keep fighting amongst ourselves—whether about differences of skin tone, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality, or what have you—so that we don’t notice that we’re all together in the same sinking ship. Most of us have friends, neighbors, and even relatives who are “different” than we are, yet we like them and accept the differences. But too many of us have been manipulated to believe that our fun neighbor, smart co-worker, kind brother- or sister-in-law, or “different” cousin is the exception amongst their demographic, and all the others are not to be trusted.

The people that run for office are either greedy and power hungry to begin with, or they are hopeful idealists who are soon beat down and jaded by the others. They cut education, housing, infrastructure, and health care funding to keep the masses ignorant and desperate. They cut funding of the arts and culture, because creative pursuits build intelligence that thinks outside the box. They are manipulated by big money and vote to give themselves raises while also voting to give more rights to corporations and fewer rights to “we the people”. In addition, they’re taking more tax dollars from the workers while giving huge subsidies to the corporations that are already raking in record profits—all in the name of “job creation” so they can collect more taxes. Corporations are holding the population hostage. They act as if they’re doing us a favor in giving us jobs, for which they continually add on more responsibilities while taking away benefits.

Something’s got to change. The Arab Spring has shown that revolution is pointless when there’s no plan in place for what happens once the current system is overthrown; instead, chaos sets in. But that’s where we’re headed, unless many who are in power stand up for true democracy for human citizens. I vote on election day, I vote with my dollars through conscientious spending and donations, and I advocate for the human race in my actions and words – we have so much more in common than we have differences. I had hoped that the free internet would help humanity find our common ground, but the masses seem to enjoy being ignorant. I had hoped that the nouveau internet rich would use their wealth and status to challenge the status quo.

Yes, this is a bit of a rant; but I do want to start a serious discussion (hence being posted in General) about what else can we do?

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