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Do they still make netbooks?

Asked by elmillia (113points) August 23rd, 2014

Two to three years ago I had a Toshiba netbook. It was an amazing device. Although it wasn’t very powerful, it’s battery lasted between 7 and 10 hours. It came with Windows 7 Starter (Which I replaced with Linux Mint), and overall it was a pretty solid machine until it broke last year.

Lately I’ve been looking to replace it. I want something that is cheap, has an extensive battery life, and is smaller than a laptop but has a keyboard (unlike a tablet). It doesn’t matter if it isn’t a very powerful machine, though, as it’ll only be used for word processing and similar usage.

The only computers I have found only match a few of my requirements.
The Macbook Air and Ultrabooks are too expensive.
The Chromebooks look like amazing machines and very cheap, but they typically only have a small internal drive (16GB) and are designed for web usage.

So my question is two-fold. Do they still make netbooks or computers similar to netbooks? And who in Australia sells them?

Thank you.

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